i remember when i took this photo

i remember when i took this photo
new york city, by zoe andrew

Monday, 28 February 2011


hey my first ever post and i wish i had started doing this earlier. i will start from the weekend and let you into my life. what a weekend it was! i dance and it was shut on saturday due to a water leak, so i took my younger sister shopping to liverpool and we had a fabulous time. yet again i bought more clothes, although i seem to have a love hate relationship with topshop at the moment; i want to buy everything! buts seen as how this isn't going to happen i settled with a lovely rusty coloured, sleeveless top from there. we then hit the vintage shops and i bought a cute navy t-shirt from ressurection and it goes perfectly with my little denim shorts and tan brogues. Sunday i worked and it was long shift after they called me in early, but i guess the money will be good next pay day.

today was my first day at the warrington guardian, i am there to do a placement for my course at uni and it was such a long day but it was interesting never the less. i am back there for the next 9 days so hopefully it will speed up although i prefer the drive there than to uni as it is shorter so i get a lie in.

au revoir :)

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