i remember when i took this photo

i remember when i took this photo
new york city, by zoe andrew

Sunday, 6 March 2011


hey missed a few days due to being so busy so here goes. friday i was very tired and my eyes were screaming at me from looking at a computer so much. i went out for a milkshake with lydia an we had a good chat as usual . i'm a chatter box and this office environment is so quiet so i haven't spoke to anyone for hours and it isn't nice.

its paris fashion week this week and it will be interesting to see what dior pull out of the bag following all the controversy surrounding john galliano. i am looking forward to seeing all the new trends and i hope that i will be able to update my warbrobe (again) with some of the top buys.
i was very interested in the look fashion show at london fashion week and i must say olivia palmero is my style icon. wearing a jaegar dress she looked fantastic and proves that high street is very much suitable for the front row.

                                        olivia palermo in jaegar

all this talk on fashion has made me look into a career in fashion journalism but we will see. back to the office tomorrow and then off for some birthday celebrations

au revoir :)

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